IT Systems & Data Management Services

Increase productivity with improved systems, processes and data management.

Middle market companies often operate on legacy or overly customized systems.  Sometimes that’s okay and sometimes it’s not. When we start a project, we take a “work with what’s working” approach, and only recommend significant systems changes when it is necessary.  IT teams may be competent at managing their existing systems and may have “tribal knowledge”, but they may not have the time, expertise or resources to make those necessary changes that can impact a company’s efficiency and productivity.  We act as your outsourced IT operating partner to ensure your management teams are making proper systems decisions and helping them when they face some heavy lifting.

We can help you with the following:

Develop roadmaps to improve IT architecture
Integrate systems, gather data from applications, and build scalable cloud-based data warehouses
Evaluate IT team roles, responsibilities and ability to manage technological change
Coordinate internal resources and third-parties to implement systems improvements
Act as an outsourced IT operating partner